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Italian, My Way: Part 2

Whoops—have the worst memory sometimes! Turns out David and I have already made two dishes from Italian, My Way! I remember because we used it as an excuse to blow tons of money at Eataly—if you haven’t been there, it’s the best.

We made the “Bigoli alle Pomodori.” Bigoli is like spaghetti, except with a tunnel in the center. We couldn’t find it, though, so we just used regular spaghetti. The recipe for the sauce is easy—it involves baking four tomatoes with garlic and rosemary and then sauteing the baked tomatoes with onions, bell pepper and garlic. A simple, yummy sauce!

We also made the “Chicken Piedmont-style” for my mom during a weekend my father was away. This is breaded chicken breasts—with homemade bread crumbs—cooked in butter and oil, served over red cabbage and pomegranates. Another effortless, delicious dish—although I have to admit we cheated and used store bought bread crumbs. Don’t judge me.

The point is, this cookbook is awesome—simple and tasty recipes! Buy it on April 5th!